It all started with a vision. Jim Adame of Midland, Michigan always imagined himself opening up and owning a small business. At nineteen years old, he put that vision to life. Jim opened The Loch Coffee Co. in October 2016 in a building full of rich history. The Loch now looks to add to the legend that dates back to 1965. Fine Brews, Fine Folk, as the tagline states, is what The Loch values, with a focus on quality coffee and building strong relationships with its customers. 



The Loch Coffee Co. strives for the best quality. In order to provide that, we partner with companies that have the same goal.


Narrativality is an artisanal coffee roasting company aiming to reclaim the story of coffee by ethically sourcing, artfully roasting, and meticulously crafting jaw-dropping good coffee.

"Our unrelenting love for handcrafting incredible coffee compels us to remember that coffee comes from somewhere. Coffee has a story with a beginning, middle, and end. We reclaim that story by honoring our connection with the farmers that grow our coffee, and by caring deeply about every aspect of the story from seed to cup.

Narrativality is where coffee and story find common ground. We think coffee is better and more meaningful that way. We think you will too."


Northwoods Sodas founder, Bill Fosdick, started the company with quality as top priority; Bill wanted his grandchildren to grow up with nothing but the highest quality soda.

Cultured Ferments is a Michigan-based kombucha company that specializes in providing some of the best damn kombucha on the market.



Rishi Tea is a trusted, Organic Certified loose-leaf tea company located in Milwaukee. They provide us with Ginger Lime, Raspberry Green, First Flush Sencha, and more.

Wight Tea was founded by two tea obsessed siblings that share an appreciation for high-quality teas. Their attention to detail shows in their beautiful, handmade blends.